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Our vision is to create a safe and loving space for the world to wake up, by choosing Mother Earth as a natural healer. A safe space for us all to learn and grow from one another. We aim to support your well-being, not just by what goes into our body, but what comes out of your mind.

meet our founder

Restore Me CBD was born when our CEO and Founder, Simon decided that he wanted natural support to manage his symptoms of anxiety and lack of sleep.

Originally hailing from London, but currently living in Malaysia, Simon Johnson was born with entrepreneurial and traveling traits in his genetic make-up. Owner of Restore Me CBD, Simon believes in the healing power of the cannabis plant. He believes that CBD opens up the power of opportunity and healing for people who might otherwise feel hopeless, and he is passionate about providing products that are versatile and eye-opening.

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our full spectrum cbd

Our Full Spectrum CBD encourages the entourage effect, which is triggered when the many components within the cannabis plant interact with the human body, to produce a stronger influence than any one of those components alone. Think of it like have many qualities and so does your friend, but put together you can build stronger, more lasting magic.

We believe that if CBD is used along with other healing rituals and well-being practices, then you can live the peaceful life you’ve been waiting for. It all starts with nature. We ask you to look within and see how you can grow, forever building and changing the concepts in your mind to live your best possible life, most importantly feeling restored.

why full spectrum

To understand the concept of the entourage effect, think of it in terms of human interactions. We all have gifts and abilities that can carry us to a certain point in life. Sometimes, we’ll meet another person who has different gifts and abilities. When partnerships are formed between two people, and abilities are combined, achievements can be made that were otherwise unimaginable.

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