baby bud starter kit – so why should you try cbd?

23 February 2021


Everyone is new to CBD at one point in their lives and we understand if you don’t want to commit straight away to a larger bottle, spending money on something you’re not sure will work for you. So how about, for as little as £10, we send you a small sample bottle that you can use over the course of a 10-day period? For 10 days, you can experiment with your CBD however you want, see how you feel and decide if CBD is or isn’t for you. If this sounds like something you or someone you know would be interested in, then our Baby Bud 10 Day Trial is perfect for you.

Restore Me Baby BudSo, how exactly does our Baby Bud Starter Pack work?

You will receive a 2ml bottle of our Restore Me CBD which will last you 10 days. As well as this, we will also gift you a personal dosage diary to help you monitor your doses and note down how and when you are taking it over the course of the 10 days and how you are feeling, this way you can compare when some dosages or methods worked better than others. This 10 day period should be enough for you to get an initial feel for CBD and if it is something you think you could see yourself moving forward with and incorporating into your daily routine.

How could CBD help you?

Praised by so many across the globe – from individuals taking it for personal use to medical professionals – the benefits of CBD can’t be ignored. If you’re wondering how CBD might be able to help you, we’re here to offer some information on this. Not only could CBD help ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, it is also said to improve sleep, aid relaxation, as well as being a natural anti-inflammatory and pain relief.

So, whether you’re needing a bit of help with your post workout recovery, struggling with the symptoms of period pain or menopause, or perhaps suffering with arthritis or your mental health is taking a bit of a hit at the moment, CBD has the possibility to help with all of these things. You may not believe how great it is until you find out for yourself. The benefits are endless.

Wondering how you can use CBD oil?

We’ve got you covered. From simply dropping CBD under your tongue to adding it into your morning coffee, you can really have fun with your CBD whilst trying to find out what suits you. This might be baking it into your favourite treats or relaxing in a magical CBD infused bubble bath, do whatever feels good! For some more ideas on how you can use CBD and why each method may hold their own individual benefits, head over to our blog: CBD how can you use the oil?

How does our CBD differ to others?

When choosing Restore Me CBD you can be sure that you are investing in triple third party lab tested, full spectrum CBD. Full Spectrum CBD means that it targets the CB1 + CB2 receptors more efficiently, kind of like when you put two heads together rather than one – the cannabinoids are like best buds, they prefer to work together rather than alone, which provides a more effective result than CBD isolate. We also like to keep things as natural as possible, so all our CBD is mixed with only hemp or coconut oil with absolutely no fillers, additives, preservatives or nasties. At Restore Me we aim to be as kind to Mother Earth as she is to us, which is why our CBD also comes in fully recyclable packaging.

What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a Baby Bud starter pack and don’t do anything Mother Earth wouldn’t do ; )