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Experiment with your CBD throughout the 10 days to find what works best for you

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We totally understand that committing to a monthly subscription if you’ve never tried something before can feel daunting. That’s why we’ve created our 10-day Baby Bud starter pack for just £10.

a gift just for you

You will also be gifted a free dosage diary to track your moods along the way, as well as tips of things to do alongside taking your daily drops. This is the easiest way to see if CBD is working for you.

starting your restore me cbd journey

You will receive a 2ml bottle of Restore Me CBD which will last you 10 days, along  with a personal dosage diary to help you monitor your doses so you can find what  works best for you. This should be enough for you to get a feel for the CBD and the  wonders it might do for you. 

Our small starter bottles are ideal for those who are still unsure about CBD. This  sample will allow you to try it for yourself without having to commit to a larger bottle  just yet. Have a play around with it, experiment using it in different ways throughout  the course of the 10 days and find what best suits your needs.  

For some inspiration on how you could use your sample CBD, head over to our blog  to learn more. 

When choosing Restore Me CBD you can be sure that you are investing in triple third  party lab tested, full spectrum CBD. We like to keep things as natural as possible with  all of our CBD is mixed with only hemp or coconut oil with absolutely no fillers,  additives, preservatives or nasties. At Restore Me we also aim to be as kind to  Mother Earth as she is to us which is why our CBD comes in fully recyclable  packaging. Gotta care about the environment. Full Spectrum CBD means that it  targets the CB1 + CB2 receptors more efficiently, kind of like when you put two heads  together rather than one – the cannabinoids are like best buds, they work best  together rather than alone. Much more effec6ve than CBD isolate.

goodbye medication

After years of being on medication for my anxiety and changing my medication on a regular basis I was given a sample of CBD oil to try. I never would have thought it possible, but after 3 weeks of taking Restore Me, I feel so different.

I’m so proud with myself as it’s been over 9 years I’ve taken medication via prescription, but now I’m only using my CBD oil. I’m so thankful and would highly recommend it.


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