how to enter the new year with ease

7th January 2021

As we enter a New Year it can be so easy to get caught up in the whole ‘New Year New Me’ discussion. With many people making New Year’s resolutions, starting dry January or perhaps trying Veganuary, a new year can come with a lot of different pressures and expectations. After the impact that 2020 had on many of our lives and mental health in particular, we must remember to enter 2021 with ease and grace, not putting too much pressure on ourselves. This is the year to make yourself a priority.

2020 was very overwhelming and it may feel hard not to carry these feelings into 2021. Just because we have entered a new year doesn’t mean we can snap our fingers, forget about everything that has happened in recent months and feel completely fine. It is ok not to be ok. We’re here to remind you that everybody is different. Different coping mechanisms, self care routines, health and wellbeing struggles, attitudes towards everyday life, all round different. This doesn’t mean that we can’t be there for each other and support one another though.

At Restore Me we believe it is so important to lift people up, empower each other and offer as much support as we possibly can. This is why we have put together a little list of ideas on how to enter the New Year with ease. Please, do not feel obliged to follow every single one on the list as it is not a one size fits all, merely some ideas and guidelines on what we find helpful and we hope you do too.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

There is a lot of talk about being productive and getting sh*t done in 2021. For some, productivity is a form of self-care; ticking things off to-do lists and completing tasks is something they find benefits their mental wellbeing. However, not everyone necessarily feels like this, so take this as a gentle reminder to not put too much pressure on yourself to be productive, simply getting through the year is enough.



Sitting silently with nothing but your thoughts can often sound daunting at first, but the power of meditation is truly magic. Meditation has the ability to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and worry, increase creativity and improve your memory whilst strengthening your immune system and decreasing the stress in your mind. Again, this might not be for everyone and that’s ok, but if you think this is something you’d be interested in there are so many great platforms out there to get your started. We recommend looking into the app Headspace as a good place to start, they have also recently launched a Guide to Meditation out on Netflix which you may find helpful!


Practising mindfulness throughout your everyday life could not only help relieve stress, it also has the ability to improve sleep, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain and so much more. All mindfulness requires is for you to pay attention throughout the day., Listen to your mind and body, become aware of your senses, focus on your breathing, be present. You’d be surprised at how the smallest changes can make such a huge difference.

Spend time outdoors daily

Rain or shine, go outside! We promise you won’t regret it. Even if you are super busy all you need is 10 minutes. Go for a stroll, a run, a bike ride, whatever you like, just try your best to make this part of your daily routine. Spending time outside in nature can have such a positive impact on your mental health, improving your mood, reducing feelings of stress, allowing you to feel more relaxed, all whilst improving your physical health and confidence.

Create a self-care list

Grab yourself a pen and paper (or even write it on your phone) and create a list of things that bring you joy. No matter how big or small, write it down. This can be anything from reading a chapter of your favourite book to facetiming a friend to getting a good long night’s sleep and will of course differ from person to person. Having these written down makes it a great source to come back to when you are feeling a little lost or perhaps having a down day or just fancy giving yourself some extra love and need an idea of how to give yourself a little pick-me-up.

Limit news and social media use

With so much going on it is of course important to stay informed but we recommend limiting your news and social media consumption as much as possible. It is likely to be repetitive and often not the most uplifting platform to dedicate your time to. Taking a step back from reading the news and using social media is a particularly useful idea if you are feeling overwhelmed with everything that is going on in our world right now. Maybe try turning your notifications off on your phone, even if this is only for a couple of hours a day. This way, you can have a completely uninterrupted part of your day without having to worry about what is going on in the world and the digital universe.

Gratitude journaling

Find yourself a notebook and make it part of your weekly routine to write down 3 things you feel grateful for. This doesn’t have to be an activity you do every single day, but whenever it works for you, take the time to sit down and reflect on the little things. This is something you can continue to build on and read back, so if you are having a period of sadness you can look back on your journal and reflect on your pieces of joy throughout the year.

Be kind to yourself

Always. We are often our own worst critic, but we must remember to be a little kinder to ourselves this year and every year after. Look back on how far you’ve come, as there was most definitely a time you were wishing you were where you are now. Give yourself a break, rest, relax, do what makes you happy and remember to be kind to yourself (and others of course 😉).

What ideas have you found helpful to transition into the New Year with ease?