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What is CBD?

CBD is a natural product gained from the hemp plant which may have positive health benefits, without users experiencing the usual ‘highs’ connected with CBD.  UK companies are working hard to comply with ever changing regulations to ensure that you get the very best CBD uk online products.


Buy CBD Online UK

One of the questions most often asked is ‘Where can I buy CBD online’, and the answer is simple. There are a number of reputable and legal cbd online retailers operating in the Uk, and of course Restoreme CBD is one of them.

When you shop online, you can use your time wisely to comparison shop, research words you may not understand, and thoroughly read the lab results on the manufacturer’s website. By doing so you can ensure that you get a safe, high quality product.


Is CBD legal in the UK?

This is another frequently asked question, and the answer is… YES!  We are happy to say that CBD is now legal in the UK, however there are many rules and regulations which, must be adhered to. The laws regarding  CBD oil UK states that each and every product has to meet certain criteria to be lawfully available for human consumption. The problem can be that sometimes, some of the CBD products you may find for sale on the high street aren’t always totally authorised. Our advice would be that, when looking to buy any kind of CBD oil or CBD products in the UK, go online and research genuine and authentic companies who retail quality and legal CBD products in UK.


What is CBD?

Another question we get asked all the time is… What is CBD made from?? Well, here is a scientific answer to that question! Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of about 100 compounds which are found naturally in the resinous flower of cannabis, a plant which has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes.

If CBD is found in the cannabis plant, how exactly is it made into an oil? This process begins by extracting the CBD from the plant. In some cases, multiple cannabinoids can be extracted from the plant. This is then diluted with a carrier oil, typically hemp seed oil. From here, you have a delightful combination which can then be used to create a number of different types of CBD oils.

Some people still have doubts about using CBD oil in UK,  and this is usually because many associate it with getting ‘high’. Which can be caused by products which contain THC, which is also known as a psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. Raw and natural CBD, is very different and is a non-psychoactive substance which has many potential benefits to your physical and mental health.

When we take a CBD product, it interacts with our endocannabinoid system – believe it or not,  we already have a natural system for these endocannabinoids to interact with!


Why choose Broad Spectrum CBD??

Many people ask us why they should buy Broad Spectrum CBD online in UK, and the answer is that it is generally exactly the same as full-spectrum CBD, with one BIG difference…….all of the THC has been removed. This means that you may still get the benefits of the entourage effect and all of the other compounds found in hemp – without feeling stoned or risking failing a drug test.


Is CBD safe?

CBD is considered exceptionally safe. We take great care in sourcing our CBD oil and it is all produced to the very highest of standards and so you can always feel confident when using any of our products.


How much CBD should I take??

Generally, our advice is that if you have never used CBD before the best way is to always start with small amounts and work your way up to find a dose which perfectly suits you. Another important point to remember is that if you are already taking any form of medication – consult your doctor or healthcare professional before taking CBD with other medication. This is particularly important for those looking to use CBD for anxiety.


Can I take CBD with other medicines?

In the ever-changing world we find ourselves in, an increasing number of people have turned to their GP for anti depressant and anti anxiety medication.

Of course, some of the most recognised benefits of using CBD products can be reduced anxiety and stress, better sleep and feeling calmer in your everyday life.

However, if you are or have been taking SSRI-based antidepressants for any amount of time, it’s worth speaking to your GP as CBD products may inhibit the effectiveness of your antidepressants or vice versa.


How do I store my CBD oil?

Exposure to light, heat and air can all affect the natural cannabinoids which are found in CBD oils, so these are important factors to consider when storing your CBD oil.  Leaving it exposed to the elements doesn’t make it dangerous but it can lose its potency. Top tips for storing CBD oil are to avoid direct sunlight and keep the bottle sealed when not in use.