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CEO Restore Me CBD


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Influencer Marketing Whiz


Natalia is a Bilingual Spanish-English Influencer Marketing consultant with nearly 8-year’s experience in the field. She lived in Madrid for 8 years before moving to London in 2017. After several years dealing with anxiety, she decided to try yoga and meditation and discovered a whole new world of self-care. You can find her wandering around London Fields, travelling as much as she can (especially to the beach!) or smashing a gym workout before going to a new restaurant every weekend.


Co Founder of CAL - Marketing & Social Media Company as well as Fitness Coach


Tara graduated in Electrical Engineering from UCL and built her career developing digital marketing strategies for multiple London-based fitness & technology start-ups, whilst simultaneously building a successful personal training business and amassing an online following of over 25,000 members along the way. As well as overseeing a creative team of over 7, she is also queen of pole and floorwork dance.


Co Founder of CAL - Marketing & Social Media Company


Sarah is a photographer, ex-Formula 1 engineer and data scientist who successfully exited her first technology business last year. She is a creative executive who has worked in a range of production teams, and graduated with a first class MEng degree from the University of Cambridge. Sarah has a really great eye for detail, she built her knowledge for photography by herself.


Digital Marketing Whiz


Victoria is a digital marketing whiz, supporting all areas of digital marketing from content creation through to research. She is an avid fiction writer, ex-gymnast turned yogi and stationery buff. If she’s not reading, writing or stretching then she’s probably found with her headphones wrapped in a blanket.



Project & Creative Manager, Copywriter & Yoga Wellness Coach


Rosie is a creative project and marketing manager overseeing all things Restore Me CBD. She has over 10 years experience in the wellness industry and loves helping and supporting people. She is a yoga and meditation teacher specialising in fear and vulnerability as well as social media guru. You can turn to Rosie for advice on anything from how to manage your emotions, to gathering creative ideas for a new project. Personable and uplifting, you’ll find her either intuitively moving, reading self help books, making creative playlists on Spotify or indulging in travel and new culture. If you have an idea, Rosie is ready to help cultivate it.



Graphic Designer


Our designer Chloe helped with all things visual for Restore Me CBD. From concepts to product presentation, she wants you to turn to the brand whenever you’re looking to restore, relax, recover and renourish yourself. As a recreational CBD user herself, she found it helped her rest better so she can be refreshed and ready to tackle whatever life throws at her. Her favourite way of incorporating Restore Me CBD is a few drops in her evening hot cacao with oat milk – the ultimate wind down treat!


Product Photographer


Lives and works in London.
Education : Royal College of Art
Clients include B.B.C,Vice Magazine,I.D,Sunday Times,GQ Style
I have welcomed the opportunity to shoot some images for Restore C.B.D. My intention is that these photographs  encourage you to take an extended look at something that you may feel you have seen before. This concentration gives you more of a chance to notice details and in turn consider how these small details can make one image more effective than another.




Nicki White B (Eng.), owner of Tip Top Design and Print based in West Cornwall, has over 30 years of experience in the print and print finishing industry. More recently her company has also diversified into internet fulfilment services, and in particular, the hemp and CBD sector. Along with Candice Meskin from Quintessential/ Cannapaper Ltd,

Nicki has been
working with our team to produce the super eco-friendly hemp printing and packaging for the Restore Me CBD range and will be fulfilling and shipping the orders to all our restoration seeking clients.


Web and Graphic Designer


Our Web and Graphic Designer based in the Philippines. Patch is the creator of our chill and friendly website. Having worked as a UX Designer, she uses what she learned from her experience to create intuitive and user-centered websites. She aims to always design with a purpose, navigating away from designs that are poor in user experience.

Patch loves exploring, may it be traveling or simply learning new things. She enjoys taking new challenges as she is a learner by heart. She is also an aspiring digital illustrator.


Mystic Guru


Sarah has dedicated her life to helping others. She has worked for the past 25 Years as a guide, life coach, speaker, healer and light worker.. She has studied a vast array of modalities with leading spiritual teachers around the world. Sarah believes everyone can live an incredible happy life regardless of their past and their story and she is an incredible example of her words and her teachings. Sarah’s life has been far from a fairy tale but she understands that her past has been her evolution and she has a choice what the future looks like.


Technical Support


Got a first class engineering degreee from Salford Uni a long time ago.

Worked in Hewlett-Packard’s research Lab from 1993-2001 as part of the team that created the World Cup 1998 website, at the time the busiest website in the world. Worked in some amazing research teams that invented some pioneering internet technology and have been messing with the internet ever since. Ive worked on some great award winning marketing & promotional campaigns.

Have been enjoying developing websites and businesses for a long time helping start ups navigate the world of technology and internet services. Recently moved towards the health and nutrition industry enabling businesses to reach global appeal and customers.