what does brexit mean for cbd?

4 March 2021


This might not be something that has crossed your mind, but we thought we’d fill you in on what the new rules and regulations regarding CBD following Brexit mean for us at Restore Me and subsequently you, our beloved buds.

As always, nothing worth having comes easy – this includes CBD at the moment as the industry faces troubles in a post-Brexit world. Shipping, customs, tariffs and novel food regulations are posing multiple complications as a result of the Brexit trade deal, something that is impacting not only UK based CBD makers but also suppliers in mainland Europe, the United States and anyone hoping to sell to customers within the UK.

The CBD market in Britain really benefited from the free movement of goods within other EU member states when the UK was part of the European Union. Now that we have left the EU, however, we no longer have those perks, which is causing potential problems with CBD companies like ourselves, within an industry which already has many obstacles to face! Oh the joy. There are now new forms, customs declarations, shipping delays, as well as three different novel food authorisation schemes us UK businesses and international suppliers have to follow. In particular, companies selling CBD must have approved and fully validated novel food authorisation applications by 31 March 2021. This may mean that due to extra costs incurred throughout this process, as well as dealing with supply chain issues, that some companies within the industry may have to increase their product prices as a result.

So, what does this mean for Restore Me?

At Restore me we are covering all bases to ensure we can still get our products out to you with no issues. As a small independent business, please do bear with us. We are doing our very best and will continue to do so, so that we don’t have to alter our prices and that you, our customers, are not impacted by this and can still benefit from the much loved product. If we have any delays, we do apologise and we will be doing everything we can to avoid this.

We will definitely still be able to sell our much loved product, so fear not – we won’t be giving up the fight that easily! It’s likely that you won’t even notice a difference or any complications (hopefully) over the next few months, but we just wanted to keep you all in the loop. For any further updates, sign up to our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know. As always, feel free to get in touch, we always love to hear from you! 

P.s. don’t forget – believe in Mother Nature, Choose Mother Earth and come and join the conscious revolution 🌱